Friday, January 5, 2018

The Week Back

Always fun to have the kids back from the winter break. I love the stories of adventures, gifts and experiences. I had a day at lunch where I couldn't get away from the Kindergarten table where I was told many stories and shown every tooth that has become loose while they were away. What a great day!

Re-Enrollment: Re-enroll your student for the 2018-19 School Year at
Remember that re-enrollment ends on January 15th! If you experience any problems with re-enrollment, please let us help get your students enrolled in the 2018-19 school year. Simply give us a call or email 

Lottery: The lottery or application for NEW students started on January 1st. Make sure that your applications are filled out completely. Again if there are any questions simply let us know and we will aid in completing your application.

Security and Safety at OPA:
During the break, an unauthorized student was in the building and attempted to steal money, our surveillance cameras identified the student and legal action was taken immediately. Please be aware that as soon as practices, club meetings or after school activities complete, students will be asked to leave the building. Please pick-up students in a timely manner so that they are not left in the cold. 

Parking lot safety: During the drop-off and pick-up times all drivers MUST follow the flow of traffic. In the morning there is a safety threat in-front of the Junior High. Drivers MUST be aware of students in the crosswalk and make the right turn to follow the flow of traffic!

This Week's Events:
Monday (1/8): 8th graders are headed to the the North Fork Environmental Center
Tuesday (1/9): 4:00 OPAPO Meeting in the Elementary Library
Thursday (1/11): 5-7pm 5th and 6th Grade Literacy Night

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