Saturday, January 27, 2018

February Arrives

Upcoming Events (Jan. 29th-Feb. 2nd):

-Friday 2nd: Early Release (12:45), $1 Dress Down Day (School Appropriate Dress).
(All Sports and Club schedules have been moved to our homepage, and the link is provided on the side of this blog at OPA Sports and Activities).

Safety and Kindness in the Parking Lot:

I have not been in the parking lot this week, due to doctor's orders. However, I have watched from inside. I am asking ALL of us to consider the following safety supports:

1. Patience: All students will be picked up or dropped off safely, everyone should expect some delay.
2. Kindness: Pull forward to allow all cars to drop off students. Wait your turn, there are NO Shortcuts in the parking lot that are safe for students. Being first or speeding around others does not improve safety in the parking lot.
3. Guidelines: Crosswalks, please model safe movement through the parking lot by using the crosswalks. Park in designated spots only, and red zones are not for parking.

As a whole, the parking lot is a well oiled machine and I appreciate the attention given and safety we all follow to protect our students.

Responsibility Centered Discipline:

All teachers and staff at OPA this fall had the opportunity to read and be trained by the author of "The Roadmap to Responsibility; The Power of Give-em Five to Transform Schools." A second book to support parents in teaching children and teens responsibility has been released this month. It is available now on Amazon etc. Below is the synopsis of the book from

Roadmap to Responsibility: The Power of Give 'Em Five to Transform Families

Parenting children well is a challenge. Roadmap to Responsibility: The Power of Give `em Five to Transform Families will help adults identify their areas of strength as well as areas where they may struggle or desire to grow. Responsibility-Centered Parenting (RCP) provides a clear roadmap and proven strategies for helping parents grow in confidence, stay motivated, and keep children on the Road to Responsibility as they grow to become mature, responsible adults. Discover the three different styles that parents tend to use: Permissive, Authoritarian and Authoritative.
The concepts and strategies shared in this book, including the Give `em Five conversation, help create a balanced parenting style while pointing out common “exits” off the Road to Responsibility that parents may create for their children. Responsibility-Centered Parenting offers renewed hope for families. Regardless of culture, income level, or family makeup, when it comes to the children in their lives, parents, grandparents, and guardians long for positive, lasting solutions and Roadmap to Responsibility: The Power of Give `em Five to Transform Families can help achieve just that.

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