Friday, September 1, 2017

OPA Routines

Morning Routine:
Students of all ages need time to settle back in or learn a new routine. You might see frustration or complaint from students until the routine is set. In the classroom students learn procedures, practice, and review them daily. This builds a habit, a habit that provides safety and structure in their environment. Building family and household routines can do the same thing and increase the smooth transition to school each day. Actually this is true for all of us, morning and evening routines are a stabilizer of mood by predicting regularity and providing structure.
Kindergarten Parents: You are doing great and your students are starting to calm quickly and fall into a learning routine!

Parking Lot Routine:
Things are starting to flow. Remember a few hints:
1.  It can take time for students to get out of cars at the elementary, a car door can be a big thing! Be patient and allow some time to drop your students off. We all have the same goal, dropping off students safely and on time. If students are late, life will continue and we will work to get them to class and to business as usual.

2. Lincoln Avenue is not school property and city traffic laws must be followed.
      a. Be aware of the no parking zones.
      b. U-turns are illegal on Lincoln.
      c. Use the crosswalks.

3. Communicate: Set up a plan for pick-up that works for your family. Communicate that plan daily with your family, then communicate your plan with your teachers! Please reinforce the importance of staying with your teacher until they spot your car, and then always saying goodbye to their teachers before running to the car.

FIRST FRIDAY'S: Today's First Friday was some of your student's first experience with Uniform-Free Dress. They did a great job, please ask them how it works and be so proud that they did it by themselves! I promise that the more opportunity they get to "do it by themselves" the better they get at it and their confidence level soars. Also, Thank you for supporting OPAPO by participating in the Uniform-Free Dress fund raiser. OPAPO donates classroom supply monies to every room on campus, they support several activities, and by supporting OPAPO, you support OPA and your student!

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