Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Now that RE-ENROLLMENT is complete, it is time to open our doors to new students, especially new Kindergarten students. If you have not already applied to OPA for your incoming Kindergarteners or other students not currently enrolled, now is the time. 

Application Process:
1. Please go to 
2. Click on the sign that reads "ENROLL NOW."
3. Select "APPLY NOW."
4. Provide all of the information required and your student will be placed in the Lottery.

Our first Lottery Draw will be February 21st. This is a random selection from the lottery, if your student is picked you will receive a email that asks for confirmation that your student will be attending OPA in the 2017-18 school year. Parents have 10 days to confirm the seat at OPA. If not confirmed in 10 days the seat goes back into the lottery for another draw. 

Remember that priority in the lottery selection is given to siblings of current OPA students, as well as staff member or board member students. Priority does not mean automatic enrollment, it means they will be pulled first, however, if seats are not available they are not created. After OPA is enrolled to capacity, students remaining in the lottery will be placed on a waiting list until the following school year. Apply soon to increase your chances of enrollment!

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