Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post Election Conversations

I want to paint a picture of an election year for you in a school. I hope I do it justice and inform you on the quality of the teachers and staff at Ogden Preparatory Academy.

Teachers, administrators and staff prepare months in advance for election years in the United States. A school is a snapshot of our country, it is a melting pot where ideas, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds all merge for the common goal of learning.  In an election year, the opinions are measurable and much more pronounced because as a country we are inundated with slogans, video clips, comedians, reporters, commercials, radio, newspaper, TV etc. It is an intense growth period for children and it can be scary. Today, the day after, is a harder day. Today in a school we rely on teachers, children and staff to remember sportsmanship. How to be a gracious winner and how to lose gracefully. This is difficult for all of us, it is human nature to desire the win.

I would like to personally THANK all of you, on behalf of the administration, teachers and staff of OPA. You are raising champions! I would be lying if I didn't share that there was fear among our staff entering today, fear among many students. I Thank YOU for having conversations, for being parents that communicate the importance of respect and sportsmanship. In addition, the teachers and staff have done what they do best they have been a safe haven, a haven of unconditional love, that gives every child a voice.

The combined efforts of the OPA community are growing a great group of kids, Thank you.

I wanted to share the announcements Mr. Kennington shared at the secondary this morning to demonstrate the quality of people working at OPA.
  " We are living through one of the most pivotal times in our nation's history. We've got to focus on the things that we can control. Our school community is very diverse. We come from different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles. If we can learn to love and respect each other, despite our differences, we will set the example for the rest of the country. Be nice!"

Welcome to OPA! I am thankful to be here with this staff and this community! Thanks again!
Amie Campbell

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