Friday, November 4, 2016

Activities of November

Dia de los Muertos: The Day of the Dead celebration is TODAY (Friday the 4th) at OPA from 5-7pm.

Family Art Nights: A special thank you to Ms. MacKay for organizing and facilitating three great Family Art Nights. Thank you to all the parents who attended. It was fun to see the kids work with a parent (or boss them around) to create an art piece.

SAGE Results are now available: On the school website, the PACE Report Card for the 2015-16 School year has been uploaded to under the tab "About OPA" and labeled "Testing Results." In addition to the PACE Report Card, there is a description about OPA's approach and response to the data collected in these assessments.

A letter about Lice prevention and treatment was sent home this week. This is the time of year for lice transmittance as the weather turns cold and coats come to school. Coats are the best transmitters. Along with lice discovery comes several misconceptions about why we get lice. I added a link called the top 10 misconceptions about lice. Check this link out and assure students that lice can happen to anyone.

Enjoy the colors of fall and have a great weekend!

Amie Campbell
Principal of OPA

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