Friday, August 19, 2016

The First Week is Over! How long till Christmas?

The First Week of School:
It is great to be back and we are excited to have kids again.
This year at OPA we are working on our Accreditation process. We ask that you take a survey as we start school to help us assess the next steps for OPA. As the year goes on, we will also ask for parent volunteers to sit on steering committees as we continue to grow the OPA educational experience.

So, please take a few minutes and take the survey at the following link:

School Hours: 
School Opens and Breakfast Begins at 7:30 am
Classes begin at 8:05 am
School Release is at 3:00 pm
School Closes at 4:00 pm

Drop-off / Pick-up / Parking Lot Procedures:

1. Pull all the way forward in the drop-off lane to let kids out.
2. KISS AND GO: Don't Park in the Drop-off Lane
            Stay in your car.
            Don't turn your car off.
            If you want to walk your student's in, park in the lot, use the crosswalks.
3. ALWAYS use the CROSSWALKS: It is not safe, nor saving you a lot of time to dart across traffic. For the safety of all children and families, use the crosswalks.
4. If your student is late, park the car in the lot and walk them in to sign them into class.
5. If you park, please be careful not to hit or dent other cars when entering or exiting your vehicle.
Arrange ahead of time a location for student pick-up. Teachers will only check out students to older siblings and parents identified in the first 2 weeks of school. If you would like to meet your student/s off campus to avoid the parking lot, that is smart. Send a note to your teacher with any plans or changes to procedure you would like your student to follow. If you have an emergency change of plan, call the school so the teacher can be informed of changes that need to be made. 
1. The Bishop's Storehouse is private property and we can't park there waiting for our students.
2. The Bishop's Storehouse parking lot is not a shortcut off of 15th. It is private property with elderly, and disabled clients often present in the lot, do not dart through the parking lot or arrange to meet your students inside that lot.
3. U-turns on Lincoln Ave. in the OPA School Zone are illegal and dangerous. Please obey the traffic laws for our kids and families safety.
4. Follow the directions and commands of OPA Staff guiding traffic in the parking lot.
5. Follow the direction of the Traffic Guards on Lincoln Ave.
6. ALWAYS use the CROSSWALKS: It is not safe, nor saving you a lot of time to dart across traffic. For the safety of all children and families, use the crosswalks.


Remember that uniforms are required at OPA.
1. Shirts: Navy, Light Blue, White collared polo type shirt (these are new this year and on sale in both buildings, $10.00).
2. Bottoms: Tan, Navy pants, longer shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers. (NO Jeans, Jeggings, Sweats, etc.)
3. All Shirts Tucked
4. No Hooded Sweatshirts

Thank you for attending Back to School Night: 

Thank you for coming and spending the evening with us.
It is pretty amazing what our kids did! I watched the Kindergarteners lead their parents on scavenger hunts. K-3 students showing their parents their daily jobs and procedures. 4-6 were showing their projects in the hall as well as their job in each class. Thank you for your patience and flexibility in letting us have students be leaders in the Back to School Night and for waiting until after school had started.

See you soon,

Amie Campbell

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