Wednesday, May 30, 2018

School's Out for Summer...

Now that the dust has settled and summer is officially here, I wanted to say Thank You for a great year at OPA, we had a very busy last week but a great year with your students. Have a very safe and fun summer. Some of the summer activities going on at OPA.

1. YMCA Summer Camps: Click this link to register for all YMCA programs at OPA and elsewhere.

2. OPA Basketball Camp: Monday June 25-28th 1-4pm each day
This camp is free to OPA students 5th-8th grade. Sign up in the Jr. High or elementary buildings or by emailing Coach Taylor at

3. OPA Summer Hours:
May 29th-June 21st: 9:00am-1:00pm, Monday through Thursday, closed on Fridays.
June 22nd-July 20th: Buildings are closed for cleaning and repair.
July 23-Aug 3rd: 9:00-1:00pm, Monday through Thursday, closed on Fridays.
August 6th: Regular 8-4 hours, Monday through Friday.

4. Kindergarten Testing: August 1st and 2nd

5. REGISTRATION and Building Tours for all students will be the second week of August, more details to come!

6. Summer Reading Resources: The OPA Libraries have created a reading list for students. Check out suggested readings at

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Last Week of the 2017-18 School Year

May 18, Fri.: Last Day of Regular Kindergarten
May 19, Sat.: Ogden Marathon events for Young Runners
May 21, Mon: 7:00pm Spring Music Concert, Elementary Gym
May 22, Tue: 5th Grade Maturation: 9-10 Boys, 10:15-11 Girls                   
                       6th Grade Etiquette Luncheon
                       Jr. High Awards Assembly 1-2 pm
May 23, Wed: Kindergarten Graduation, 9:00 am- Mrs. Scalise and Mrs. Maag's Classes
                                   6:00 pm-Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. Jackman's Classes in the Elementary Gym
May 24, Thurs: Minimum Day (release at 12:45), Uniform Free Dress Day.
                9:00: 5-6 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                1-4th Field Day, wear sport shoes
May 25, Friday: Last Day of School, Minimum Day (release at 12:45), Uniform Free Dress Day.
                8:45: 1-2 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                10:00: 3-4 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                5-6th Grade Field Day, at OPA, wear sport shoes. 

Young Runner Families!   Saturday, May 19th was the 5K, Kids K, and 1/2 Marathon and the OPA Young Runners were awesome! We are working on releasing the KSL clip and there were several pictures that we want to post on the FB page, etc. However, we need to say thank you to the parents who were cheering kids on every step of that race. It was a thrill to see OPA students enter the final 100 yards and be cheered across the finish! Mrs. Carlton thank you for a great year and a great deal of work to give our students this opportunity! Thanks for a great year!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The 2017-18 Year is Ending...

Young Runner Families!  This next Saturday, May 19th is the moment we have been waiting for!  We are so excited to have 50 runners involved in the Ogden Half Marathon, 5K, and KidsK.  Good luck to all of you Amazing Kiddos!!!  Parents, if you have not received a paper with the Race directions/instructions, please pick one up in the office!  This Thursday is our Young Runner celebration.  We will be having games, treats, and a special guest.  Please come and have a good time!  We are also having a dozen kiddos on KSL TV Friday morning at the expo for the Ogden Marathon. So please watch for us!!!  Thanks for a great year!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank you to all of the families, OPAPO members and students that took the opportunity to thank and support the educators of OPA. It is that time of year when we all reflect on the year we are about to close; it is the perfect time to thank the teachers and staff that work tirelessly for your students. So, Thank you!

The Year in Review: SAGE exams, DIBEL testing and academic scores are finalizing for the 2017-18 school year. Testing and grading periods can be a stressful and anxious time for many students.  Please remember that students have strengths and weaknesses and that is normal. The goal of education is to build a love of learning and teach students the skills understand and unravel the unknown. Celebrate a year of hard work and success, build strategies for summer learning, and promote resilient responsibility. We all struggle with something and coming to understand that we can build strategies to overcome the struggle rather than wallow or give-up is a lifeskill we all require.  Our focus this year at OPA, has been to help students build responsibility for their education; social and academic. This focus is about building people, and supporting the natural desire children have to learn. With this focus, we enter the end of year at OPA ready to celebrate! Thank you parents and family for all you do to make OPA a great community.

May 18, Fri.: Last Day of Regular Kindergarten
May 19, Sat.: Ogden Marathon events for Young Runners
May 21, Mon: 7:00pm Spring Music Concert, Elementary Gym
May 22, Tue: 5th Grade Maturation: 9-10 Girls, 10-11 Boys                       
                       6th Grade Etiquette Luncheon
                       Jr. High Awards Assembly 1-2 pm
May 23, Wed: Kindergarten Graduation, 9:00 am- Mrs. Scalise and Mrs. Maag's Classes
                                   6:00 pm-Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. Jackman's in the Elementary Gym
May 24, Thurs: Minimum Day (release at 12:45), Uniform Free Dress Day.
                9:00: 5-6 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                1-4th Field Day, wear sport shoes
May 25, Friday: Last Day of School, Minimum Day (release at 12:45), Uniform Free Dress Day.
                8:45: 1-2 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                10:00: 3-4 Grade Awards Assembly, elementary gym
                5-6th Grade Field Day, at OPA, wear sport shoes. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

May the 4th...

Thank you for all of the support and attendance this week at several OPA Events!

Thank you for your support of the BOGO Book Fair, early estimates suggest another great year for the library! 

Reflecting on this week:

Mon: Secondary Service Project and River Clean up, as always the city was grateful for our service.
Tues: The LIA Awards were great, I am still questioning a "Class Clown" Award?
Wed: Kindergarten Parent Information night for 2018-19: If you did not attend because you already have kids at OPA, please look for the KEEP Assessment Testing Sign-up Genius in your email to assure your incoming Kindergartener gets their spot.
Thurs: OPA 2nd Annual Art Show: What a blast, I must say I battled it out with parents in the silent auction to take home some of the great art produced by our 5-9th grade students. Remember buyers you have until May 10th to pay for purchased art.
Friday (May the 4th): The 4th was with us as we unified today in our first Reunification Drill! Thank you so much for participating and your patience as we teach our students and families how to ensure their safety in the event of an emergency.

OPAPO Volunteer of the Month: ANNA CASH
OPAPO would like to recognize Anna Cash as our May volunteer of the month. Anna is responsible for bringing our school garden to OPA. She maintains it and brings the students a harvest of the month, lending tons of educational opportunities for our kids. Beyond all of that work, Anna also serves on the OPAPO board, and works countless hours behind the scenes working to help put on all of our school events. Anna also works at each of our free dress days, among just a bunch of other things. We can't thank you enough, Anna, for all you contribute to OPA!!


TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK and School Nutrition Appreciation Week!

Tuesday 8th: OPAPO Board Meeting 4:30 Secondary Sanchez's Room

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2018

End of April

Book Fair: April 30-May 4th is the BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE Scholastic Book Fair at OPA! Come set your student up for a summer of adventure, drama, fantasy or classic reading that inspires learning for a lifetime!

Reunification: See the reprint of the letters sent home on Monday of this week, below. 

Upcoming Events:
Monday 30th: Southern Utah Trip Service Project, 3:15.
Tuesday 1st: LIA Awards Night in the Jr. High, 6-7pm Jr. High Gym.
Wednesday 2nd: Kindergarten Parent Information Night for the 2018-19 School Year.
Thursday 3rd: OPA Art Showcase and Auction 6-7:30 pm
Friday 4th: OPA Reunification Drill
            Uniform Free Dress Day

Please refer to the past blog posts, the paperwork sent home and the reminder below for directions and information about the Reunification Drill.

Change of Schedule for the 2018-19 School Year: 
On behalf of the faculty and staff at Ogden Preparatory Academy, we have decided to make every Friday of the 2018-19 school year a half-day (classes will get out at 12:45).

After careful consideration, this change will create a consistent schedule that coincides with area and district schools to support whole families and reduce confusion for the students and parents. This will give teachers time to attend trainings such as professional development, technology, and other differentiated trainings they have requested.
We understand that this may be a change for students because there will be less time in class on Fridays. and many parents may view this as an unimportant day. As we facilitate this change, we ask you to talk to your students about the importance of attending school on these Fridays, because they are as important as any other day.
Thank you for your cooperation, we’re looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year at Ogden Preparatory Academy!

Secondary Students and Parents: 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will be selecting their classes for next year in the coming week during selected classes. Students were provided with Elective course lists. Please review the options with your students, so they can be prepared to make their decisions.

27 de abril
Feria de Libros: del 30 de abril al 4 de mayo es ¡COMPRE UN LIBRO, OBTENGA UNO GRATIS! Feria del Libros Scholastic en OPA! ¡Venga a preparar a su hijo para un verano de aventura, drama, fantasía o lectura clásica que inspira el aprendizaje para toda la vida!

Reunificación: vea la información escrita en las cartas enviadas a casa el lunes de esta semana, a continuación.

Próximos Eventos:
Lunes 30: Proyecto de servicio de viaje del sur de Utah, 3:15.
Martes 1: AVID / LIA Noche de Premios en la Secundaria Jr., 6-7pm gimnasio de la Jr. High.
Miércoles 2nd: Noche de Información para Padres de Kindergarten para el año escolar 2018-19 a las 5 pm.
Jueves 3: Show y subasta de Arte de OPA 6-7: 30 pm
Viernes 4: Simulacro de reunificación de OPA
            Día libre de uniforme
            Consulte las publicaciones anteriores del blog, la documentación enviada a casa y el recordatorio a continuación para
            direcciones e información sobre el simulacro de Reunificación.

Cambio de horario para el año escolar 2018-19:
      Por voto de la facultad y el personal de OPA, hemos decidido
 que cada viernes del año escolar 2018-2019 sea día mínimo (las clases saldrán a las 12:45).
Hemos considerado que este cambio creará un calendario constante con las escuelas del área y del distrito para apoyar a familias enteras y reducir la confusión para los estudiantes y los padres. Esto dará a los maestros tiempo para asistir a capacitaciones tales como desarrollo profesional y tecnología entre otras capacitaciones.
      Entendemos que esto puede ser un cambio para los estudiantes porque habrá menos tiempo en clase, y muchos padres pueden ver esto como un día sin importancia. A medida que facilitamos este cambio, le pido que hable con sus alumnos sobre la importancia de asistir a la escuela estos viernes, porque son tan importantes como cualquier otro día.
      Gracias por su cooperación, y estamos esperando el año escolar 2018-2019
en Ogden Preparatory Academy!

Estudiantes y padres de secundaria: los estudiantes de 6to, 7to y 8vo grado seleccionarán sus clases para el próximo año en la próxima semana durante las clases seleccionadas. Los estudiantes recibieron listas de cursos electivos. Por favor, revise las opciones con sus estudiantes, para que puedan estar preparados para tomar sus decisiones.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
On Friday, May 4, 2018, Ogden Preparatory Academy will participate in a reunification drill. This will begin as soon school gets out at 12:45. In order to pick up your student(s), you will need to have a valid, government issued ID and a completed Reunification Card. Your student has been sent home with a Reunification Card. You may also pick one up in the front office before or at the reunification drill. You can put multiple students on one card. However, you will need a different card for each building.
When you get to the school during the drill, please do the following:
1) Make sure you have your ID and your completed Reunification Card

2) Get your Reunification Card checked and signed at the Check desk.
      a)Students will only be released to individuals who are listed on the student’s Aspire contact list.           Be sure to update your Aspire contact list before the drill.

3) After your card is checked and initialed by a checker, you will take your card to a runner (they will be shown to you at the drill).

4) Go with the runner to the reunification area and wait for them to bring your student(s) to you.

In order to make the drill go as smoothly as possible, we ask that you follow the “last name” schedule below to come and pick up your student(s):

12:45-1:15 - A-E
1:15-1:45 - F-J
1:45-2:15 - K-O
2:15-2:45 - P-T
2:45-3:15 - U-Z
3:45 - Drill ends

*Students will not be released outside of the protocols of the drill! The drill ends at approximately 3:45. Students who walk home will only be released at that time.

Estimados padres / tutores,
El viernes 4 de mayo de 2018, OPA participará en un simulacro de reunificación. Esto comenzará en cuanto terminen las las clases a las 12:45. Para recoger a su(s) estudiante(s), deberá tener una identificación válida emitida por el gobierno y una Tarjeta de Reunificación completa. Su estudiante ha sido enviado a casa con una Tarjeta de Reunificación. También puede recoger una en la oficina antes o durante el simulacro de reunificación. Puede poner varios estudiantes en una tarjeta. Sin embargo, necesitará una tarjeta diferente para cada edificio.
Cuando llegue a la escuela durante el simulacro, haga lo siguiente:
1)Asegúrese de tener su identificación y su tarjeta completa de reunificación

2) Vaya a que le revisen y firmen su tarjeta de reunificación en el área de reviso.
     a) Los estudiantes solo serán entregados a personas que estén en la lista de contactos de Aspire
         del alumno. Asegúrese de actualizar su lista de contactos Aspire antes del simulacro.
3) Después de que su tarjeta sea revisada y firmada por un revisador, llevará su tarjeta a un corredor       (se le mostrarán en el simulacro).

4) Vaya con el corredor al área de reunificación y espere que traigan a su(s) estudiante(s).

Para que el simulacro se haga de la mejor manera posible, le pedimos que siga el cronograma de "apellidos" a continuación para ir a recoger a su(s) estudiante(s):

12: 45-1: 15 - A-E
1: 15-1: 45 - F-J
1: 45-2: 15 - K-O
2: 15-2: 45 - P-T
2: 45-3: 15 - U-Z
3:45 - El simulacro termina

* Los estudiantes no serán liberados fuera de los protocolos del simulacro! El simulacro termina aproximadamente a las 3:45. Los estudiantes que caminan a casa solo serán liberados en ese momento.

Friday, April 20, 2018

OPAPO Family Fun as Spring Continues...

TONIGHT (Friday the 20th) is OPAPO Family Fun Night! Food Trucks, A crazy Dunk Tank, raffle, games and just a general celebration of our kids and families at OPA. In addition, the Spanish Museum will be displayed to demonstrate Spanish at OPA. Come enjoy the fun! 
●The Spanish "Noche de Museo" will be going on in the elementary gym, so make sure to pop in and look for your child's display. 
●Food trucks will take cards, bouncy slide and giant sandbox are FREE, and bring some cash for raffle tickets and dunk tank throws as well as to buy soda and/or water.
●You can still drop money in teachers' jars today and tomorrow! The teachers who earn the most money will sit in the dunk tank!!
●Come and cheer on the teacher vs. student kickball game during the first hour of the event!

Events Next Week:
1. Next Week is Secretary Appreciation Week (All Week)
2. 26th: Kindergarten Graduation Pictures
3. 27th: 8th Grade Arbor Day Field Trip

Young Runner Families:  The Ogden Marathon 5k/KidsK is Saturday, May 19th. The 5K is at 7:00 AM, and the KidsK (1 mile) is at 12:30 PM.  The Goal Foundation is sponsoring the race and is completely free of charge.  Please bring your registration forms into the office as soon as possible.  The registration is not online like in previous years

Reunification is Set: A flyer came home this week explaining the expectations of a Reunification Event. Please make sure you read and understand that flyer and be prepared for some more this week. The key to safety for all kids is that we ALL understand how the system of reunification works. We will run an OPA Reunification Drill on MAY 4th at OPA (both buildings). Be prepared to be inundated with information! Knowing what to expect will improve patience for all of us. Included again is the reunification expectations (in English and improved Spanish)OPA REUNIFICATION 

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Local law enforcement officials and State educational leadership have set expectations for schools to prepare for circumstances requiring parents to pick up their students in a formal, controlled release. This process is called Reunification.  Reunification will only occur in extreme situations and may occur at the school or a different location. Reunification protects the safety of the students and provides for an accountable change of custody from the school to a recognized custodial parent or guardian. 

During Reunification, the school will hold students until parents or guardians can pick up their student(s). Please make every attempt to pick up your child as soon as possible.  Students will only be released to parents/guardians or individuals previously identified as a student’s emergency contact in Aspire. Please update your student’s contact and release information including daycares and carpools. Contact information can be updated through your Aspire account or by contacting the front office. 

Reunification Process:
-Parents will be notified of a Reunification and location through the OneCall system.  Please make sure that we have your correct and preferred phone numbers. If possible, students may be asked to contact parents.
-Parents will go to the Reunification “Check In” area and wait for the next available checker.
-Bring identification.
-Be patient.
-Fill out a Reunification card. Cards are available at the front office. 
-Follow the instructions of school personnel.
-Identification and pick-up permissions will be confirmed by the checkers.
-Parents will be redirected to the “reunification area”.
-A runner will take the card and gather the student(s).
In some cases, parents may be taken to another location for further information, advised that law enforcement investigation is underway, or pulled aside for emergency or medical information.
The process must be repeated for students in each location.

When picking up students, please:
Be aware of traffic and emergency vehicles.
Park where indicated.
Stay calm and patient.
Complete ALL parts of the Reunification card.


We appreciate your support as we work to ensure the safety of our students. If you have any questions please contact us.  We will be happy to help you understand this process.


Amie Campbell
Principal, Ogden Prep

ESTA NOCHE (viernes 20) es la Noche de Diversión Familiar de OPAPO! Loncheras de comida, un tanque de agua, rifa, juegos, una celebración general de nuestros niños y familias en OPA. Además, se exhibirá el Museo de Español para demostrar el español en OPA. Ven a disfrutar de la diversión!

Eventos la próxima semana:
1. La próxima semana es la Semana de agradecimiento a las secretarias (toda la semana)
2. 26: Fotos de graduación de Kinder
3. 27: Paseo del día del árbol de 8vo grado

La reunificación está lista: un volante llegó a casa esta semana explicando las expectativas del Evento de Reunificación. Por favor, asegúrese de leer y entender ese volante y prepárese para recibir unos más esta semana. La clave para la seguridad de todos los niños es que TODOS comprendamos cómo funciona el sistema de reunificación. Realizaremos un Simulacro de Reunificación el 4 de mayo en OPA (ambos edificios). ¡Prepárese para ser inundado con información! Saber qué esperar mejorará la paciencia para todos nosotros. Se incluyen nuevamente las expectativas de reunificación (en inglés y en español mejorado). REUNIFICACIÓN DE OPA

Estimado Padre / Tutor,

Los oficiales locales de la ley y el liderazgo educativo del estado han establecido expectativas para que las escuelas se preparen para las circunstancias que requieren que los padres recojan a sus alumnos en un comunicado formal y controlado. Este proceso se llama Reunificación. La reunificación solo ocurrirá en situaciones extremas y puede ocurrir en la escuela o en un lugar diferente. La reunificación protege la seguridad de los estudiantes y proporciona un cambio responsable de la custodia de la escuela a un padre o tutor con custodia reconocida.

Durante la Reunificación, la escuela retendrá a los estudiantes hasta que los padres o tutores puedan recoger a su (s) estudiante (s). Haga todo lo posible por recoger a su hijo lo antes posible. Los estudiantes solo serán entregados a los padres / tutores o personas previamente identificadas como contacto de emergencia del estudiante en Aspire. Actualice la información de contacto y publicación de su estudiante, incluidas las guarderías y los viajes compartidos. La información de contacto se puede actualizar a través de su cuenta de Aspire o contactando a la oficina principal.

Proceso de Reunificación:
1. Los padres serán notificados de una reunificación y ubicación a través del sistema OneCall. Asegúrese de tener sus números de teléfono correctos. De ser posible, se les puede pedir a los estudiantes que se comuniquen con los padres.
2. Los padres irán al área de "Ingreso" de la Reunificación y esperarán al próximo inspector disponible.
A. Traiga identificación.
B. Sea paciente.
C. Complete una tarjeta de Reunificación. Las tarjetas están disponibles en la oficina principal.
D. Sigua las instrucciones del personal de la escuela.
3. Los verificadores confirmarán los permisos de identificación y de recogida.
4. Los padres serán redirigidos al "área de reunificación".
5. Un corredor tomará la tarjeta y reunirá al estudiante (s).
6. En algunos casos, se puede llevar a los padres a otro lugar para obtener más información, se les informa que se está llevando a cabo una investigación policial o se les ha apartado para obtener información médica o de emergencia.
El proceso debe repetirse para los estudiantes en cada ubicación.

Al recoger estudiantes, por favor:
1. Tenga en cuenta el tráfico y los vehículos de emergencia.
2. Estacione su vehículo donde se le indica.
3. Mantenga calma y paciencia.
4. Complete TODAS las partes de la tarjeta de Reunificación.


Agradecemos su apoyo mientras trabajamos para garantizar la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes. Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor contáctenos. Con gusto le ayudaremos a comprender este proceso.

  Amie Campbell
Principal, Ogden Prep

Monday, April 16, 2018

OPAPO Family Fun Night!

Fill the teachers' cups in the elementary office all this week! The teachers who earn the most money will sit in the dunk tank at our Spring Family Night this Friday!! 💦💦💦 Participating teachers are Lomeli, Davis, Gonce, Slattery, Wright, Tribe, Maag, and Kiernan.

In the junior high it's a contest between Witt, Rose, and Hislop! The teacher who ends up with the most money will sit in the dunk tank! 💦💦💦

Mr. Kennington and Ms. Campbell are going to be in the dunk tank too, so make sure you come chuck a ball at them at the event this Friday 4-7pm!! 💦💦💦